New Hope Endowment Fund

Mission | The mission of the New Hope Church Endowment Fund Board is to enhance discipleship and stewardship for the continual long-term growth of New Hope’s Christian ministries within the community.
Living Legacy | Through generous donations, the NHEF principal is invested for total return through the Columbus Foundation. On an annual basis, a portion of the interest income, from the previous year, is awarded to Christian non-profit charities in the form of grants. Your principal investment is never touched, lives on as principal forever, earns interest, and provides a lasting Living Legacy to New Hope today, tomorrow and in the future.
Annual Grant Process | To be eligible for grant funds, applicants simply need to submit a Grant Request prior to the annual deadline (for 2019 the deadline is April 1, 2019). After evaluation by the Grant Committee, recipients are selected, approved, and notified. To meet the deadline, the Grant Application must be completed and emailed to the New Hope Endowment Fund Board Grant team at
Please click the button below for the 2019 Grant Application.
NHEFB Volunteer Opportunities | If you are feeling called to volunteer your time and talents with the New Hope Endowment Fund Board, please see Harry Gardner, or any board member, for more information.
NHEFB Financial Support Opportunities |If you would you like to help further the mission of the New Hope Endowment Fund Board through financial support, please support our fundraisers (Memorial Bricks, Easter Flowers, Ticket Raffles) and/or donate directly to the fund (Benefactor, Inheritance & Gifting). Remember, all financial donations are a Living Legacy!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) What does the New Hope Endowment Fund (NHEF) invest in? The NHEF holds money that is donated to support the long-term growth of New Hope’s Christian Ministries. – Funds are held & managed by The Columbus Foundation: one of the largest & most well-respected foundations in the nation.
How does the NHEF differ from New Hope Operating Budget? NHEF is over and above one’s commitment to New Hope’s Operating Budget. NHEF is for those pursuing additional giving options. Your principal investment is never touched, lives on as principal forever, earns interest, and provides a lasting Living Legacy to New Hope today, tomorrow and in the future.
How are funds granted to charities? A Grant Committee comprised of New Hope members, awards funds annually using the income generated from the Principal account balance. Grow the Principal = Grow our ability to award grants.
Why Give to the Endowment? People who give to The Endowment Fund are generally passionate about giving and leaving a lasting legacy. They understand the need to continually support New Hope Church, its ministries and community outreach programs now & well into the future.

2019 New Hope Endowment Fund Grant Recipients

The New Hope Endowment Fund recently awarded a total of $6,500 in grants to organizations in the Columbus metropolitan area. The funds for these grants came from the interest earned on the New Hope Endowment Fund principle invested through the Columbus Foundation. A grant committee comprised of New Hope members reviewed all applications submitted for grants based on numerous criteria and grants were awarded to the following organizations:
Franklinton Rising: Continuation of the mission to reduce spiritual and economic poverty through mentoring/teaching/training young, at-risk adults, in life, Christian principles, and job skills and then helping them to launch careers in the building trades.  This organization is simultaneously restoring and beautifying the Franklinton neighborhood, one house at a time.
Grace Clinic Delaware, Ohio: Grant funds were awarded to support free dental services to those in need. Grace Clinic not only offers medical and dental services, they offer prayer as a regular part of their support. They are a Christian ministry looking to heal the whole person, not only their physical needs but their spiritual ones as well.
Hope Hollow:  Hope Hollow provides basic needs of shelter, nutrition, and transportation and the message of Christ for cancer patients seeking medical treatment in Columbus, OH.
International Conference of Police Chaplains:  Grant funds will expand and sustain training opportunities for 24 additional law enforcement chaplains who will provide spiritual (Christian) support for local police officers.
Kindway: Funds were awarded to support those who are incarcerated build a foundation in Christ and make connections with positive role models while still incarcerated so that they can make a better transition once released. Kindway is based in Westerville and does its ministry at the Marion Correctional Institution with men and the Ohio Reformatory for Women. Kindway has proven that their clients have a very low recidivism rate and that lives have been changed and given to Christ as a result of the program.
Seven Baskets Community Development Corporation’s Summer Day Camp Program: Grant funds were awarded to support a Christian-based summer program for children in the urban Thunderbird Acres area of Columbus (Hamilton Road and Livingston Avenue). These funds will help provide participants with daily breakfast and lunch, Christian verses and themes, academic support, and regular activities.  Children also are given food to take home for the weekend.
Young Life Capernaum: Grant funds were awarded to offer children with special needs the opportunity to attend Christian summer camps. These children will have many opportunities to experience the love of Christ all while having fun doing multiple activities. Young Life Capernaum is based in Columbus and is a program for children in the Columbus area.
A donation to the New Hope Endowment Fund is never touched, lives on as principle forever, continues to earn interest, and provides a lasting Living Legacy to support New Hope’s Christian ministries within the community. By growing the principle in the New Hope Endowment Fund the ability to award grants also grows. Please contact any member of the New Hope Endowment Fund for more information.
For questions and additional information about our New Hope Church Endowment Fund, please contact Harry Gardner at 614-791-0104 or via email.


Grow the Endowment Fund, Grow our Community Outreach.