Sunday School!


Please register each child attending Sunday School to ensure that we have all current information that is necessary while your child is in our care.


Sunday School Support Team

We are so thankful for our Sunday School Leaders and Shepherds that show up each week to teach the kids of New Hope about Jesus. Our hope is to have a large enough Support Team that people are able to serve as much as they desire and are still able to attend worship regularly as well. Lead teachers need to be Adults but the Shepherd role can be filled by youth or adults!

Please use the sign-up link below to fill in your availability. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding teaching, the curriculum provided is simple to use and it’s a joy to be with the kids on Sunday mornings!


Family Worship Sunday

Throughout the year, we will occasionally have Sunday mornings when children will remain in service and Sunday School will not be offered. This typically takes place on Holiday weekends or when staff feels the children would benefit from attending a particular service. For example, we feel it is important for children to witness Confirmation Sunday. Family Worship Sunday’s are listed on the Sunday School Schedule so that you can be prepared for your children to be present in worship.



Children will start in the sanctuary with their family until they are called forward by the Pastors for the Children’s Message. They are then released to the Narthex for Sunday School where Sunday School teachers are waiting to lead them to classrooms. We’re starting the year with 2 grades per classroom and will add rooms as needed. After service, please pick your child up from these locations:

-Preschool & Pre-K: Purple Room
-Kindergarten & 1st: Blue Room
-2nd & 3rd Grade: Yellow Room
-4th & 5th Grade: Library


Please fill out a safety sticker located in the pews and place on your child’s back each week.


Classroom doors are locked during Sunday School, teachers will unlock and open doors at 10am when service is over and class is finished.


Parents/guardians should pick children up from Sunday School unless previously communicated with CMT. Please do not send siblings to pick up children.