Youth Mission Trip

June 22-28, 2019
Camp Fowler in Lake Pleasant, NY
A Message to Our Youth – This is such an exciting time, preparing and then experiencing a mission trip with your friends and church family.  You will go, and you will have so much fun!  You will do things you never realized you were capable of doing.  You will feel a sense of accomplishment and community that you may not have experienced yet in this lifetime. It is amazing. You will work harder than you’ve worked before, in conditions you can’t control. And you will serve in places you may not want to serve. It isn’t glamorous work. Will you be tired and sore? Yes. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. On mission trips we laugh to tears most days. You will experience joy and fun and celebration each day. And we give thanks to God for all He is doing, in, through, and around us each day.
A Message to Our Adult Volunteers – We love you. We need you. As an adult volunteer your job is to guide our youth in the jobs THEY are to do on job sites.  This is their mission trip.  You have the amazing opportunity to work alongside them. Wess Stafford, former president of Compassion International, really drives home the value and significance of even one moment spent with a child.  He calls time spent with youth “a divine appointment.”  I love that.  You have the most incredible opportunity to connect with our youth at New Hope while on a mission trip.  You are the one that speaks life and love into their hearts and minds.  You are the one that has the honor of sharing the gospel in actions and words.  You have the privilege of being an adult that all of these youth will continue to connect with and reach out to long past the mission trip end date.
Please fill our the forms below and turn them in to Lindsey Allen no later than May 26, 2019. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Lindsey Allen at

Noxen, PA 2018

Whitesburg, KY 2017